About Us

Why allow Facebook and Instagram to continuously make money off your hard work and effort? Now you can make money the same way Facebook and Instagram does, while using their methods, and so much more. OwnaSocial.com gives our Customers and Users the opportunity to do something different, to do something BIG, while also providing tools for growth, expansion, and monetization towards Yourself, Business, and or Brand. OwnaSocial, charges a 1 TIME FEE for 99% of the social media platforms we offer our clients. No Month to Month, Reoccurring Payments, or ANY of our brand on your purchases. You will be the complete OWNER of your Social Media, which is completely decentralized with no 3rd party interruptions, ads, or gimmicks. OwnaSocial also provides support for it's products and totally stands by the Quality which made our Social Platforms the BEST, and completely Responsive (mobile friendly). Expand Your Brand, Grow Your Business, the perfect tools for companies of any size, and even solo Entrepreneurs. Some of the Features you will be offering YOUR users on YOUR Social Media Platform will be: - Chats and Messages. - Users can interact with Likes, Dislikes, Love, Comments, and Shares. - Users can give Gifts to one another. - Emojis and Stickers. - Users can get their profiles Verified from the Admin (you). - Share Pictures, Videos, Audio, Files, and Live Stream. - Enjoy scrolling up and down your LIVE news feed. - Groups which can be created by users and joined by all. - Fan Pages for bigger groups or activities. - Jobs Search and Post. - Onsite wallet system, with sites own Digital Currency. - Users can gain Points with site interaction. - Pokes - Classifieds for users to post in search of talk or goods. - Forums such as reddit for users to converse with one another about topics at hand. - Movies can be uploaded on the Admin Panel for users to watch and enjoy - Blogs where users can post, and read blogs from one another. - Crowdfunding. That's right. You'll have a complete working Crowdfunding system in your social media. - Market for users to post and make purchases. - Commons which link users to one another for interaction. - Exploration, for users to find one another in different ways and settings. - Save Posts, Memories, and Story Posts. - API's for social logins from other sites, and vice versa. - TONS MORE! Some of the Monetized Features (Features which allow you to Earn Money from your Site!): - The Movies the Users can watch can be loaded with Pre-rolls, advertisements which you can earn from. - Adsense, ClickBank, and other Affiliates for Advertising on the site. - Users can also purchase advertising from their end onto the site. They pay via Per Impression, or Per Click. You get to choose the price for each. - Memberships. Users can purchase memberships which you price. 4 slots, each having their unique offerings per payment upgrade. - Boosts. Users can also purchase Boosts to make their presence in the community more active and heightened. - Crowdfunding, you get a commission off each Crowdfunding, and you get to choose how much of a percent you'd like. - You can also enable Users to be Affiliates for you. Users can gain commission when they invite a new user who purchases off your site. - TONS MORE! The site comes with 7 Different Payment Gateways. 3 of the most popular being. Bitcoin, PayPal, and Stripe. From the Powerful Admin Panel which will be accessible to you at anytime, will allow you to do, set, toggle, disable/enable, all included features and more. Site Features, General Settings, Announcements, Delete, Kick, Ban, Auto Add, Auto Like, Fake User Generator for Padding. Tools to make your site better, different, while having total control and oversite of every interaction and addition on your site. So much more! Your effort in competing for likes that can't be exchanged for goods or cashed in for money on other social media platforms, just came to an end. You can even market your Social Site on the other sites, to get people to transfer over to you. Finally your hard work and effort can produce something that's meaningful, saved, and a true building block. Which eventually turns into a Self Running Passive Stream of Income. We are offering all of this at a base price of only $99! One Time Fee. You can make your Social Media towards ANY NICHE or Genre you have in mind as long as it's LEGAL. Be your Own Boss, Own Your Own Online Company. Come out of Covid Quarantine a Business Owner. Own a piece of virtual real estate. InstaCEO. OwnaSocial.com, as advertised, offers FREE INSTALLATION AND SET UP. No gimmicks, or upsales. As a Prerequisite, before the Setup begins, YOU MUST HAVE A DOMAIN NAME AND HOSTING WITH C-PANEL. So we can do the rest and get you going on your journey! OwnaSocial.com also provides support on all products sold, as well as Freelancing if you want something built special, even if its a whole different kind of site. We also provide Marketing tips and Strategies for our clients. For Questions, Inquiries, or Help, Please contact us at: GeekLabs@Protonmail.com